So, we are living in a computer simulation …

… and maybe that is not so bad afterall?

The good news lies in the power of perspective, so stay tuned and understand why Elon Musk (founder of Tesla Inc), James Gates (professor and advisor to Barack Obama), Tom Campbell (NASA physicist), Sam Harris (philosopher), Nick Bostrom (philosopher) and this brave guy from the 70’s, are all occupied with this topic.

To be more precise: It is not a complete certainty that we are already living in a computer simulated reality. The probability is just overwhelmingly high.

99.999 … % chance according to Elon Musk.

The way these intelligent men arrived at their conclusion is basically by realizing that in the last 40 years the technological development has moved from very simple computer games like “pong” to very realistic 3D virtual reality experiences.

And this development looks like it is going to continue.

As this development continues there will be no way of distinguishing the simulations from the real world.

And will a civilisation capable of doing this, run simulations of its own history? Maybe in some parts of the civilisation it would be prevented due to ethical reasons, but with the technology available it is very likely that a huge number of simulations would run simultaneously.

Hence the conclusion that this so called reality might not be so real after all.

In 1990 I woke up in my bed, and discovered that there was a red Ferrari and a beautiful woman there with me. The picture with the Ferrari and the woman was usually hanging on my wall – and being fifteen this was all I really dreamed about. That morning I noticed that the corner of the wooden frame was broken and pondering how that might had happened during the night I rolled up the reed blinds.

With the inner part of the window broken I realized that I had a bad dream during the night. Since then I have had recurring nightmares about being trapped in some intangible “hall of mirrors”.

Later I decided to become a computer engineer and study AI, and I believe that for me personally it is this interest and dawning understanding about our circumstances that has caused my recurring nightmares to release its grip.

Freedom lies in perspective. And the truth.



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