Dear Mark, is the future really delicious?

Is the future something that are streamed towards us at a given megabit-rate per second?

Or is it something that we are cocreating?

If you are like most people the answer probably is a mix of both: Just like we have our awake and inspired moments, where we act from our authentic selves, we also have our lazy afternoons where we simply “tap into the matrix and eat what is served”.

Without overdramatizing I think it’s safe to say that our collective ability to act from our inner truth, our authentic selves, or disability to do this, is what will determine if our children and grandchildren will thrive in an environment that supports them instead of treating them like commodity.

Coping with a spectacular show
When we are not acting from our authentic selves, we put on our mask which is basically like lying. And we can only participate in a lie for so long before the shit starts to hit the fan, as Bruce Muzik explains in his excellent Ted Talk.

If we are letting our own personal story of who we are take over and run its own show, we are not living with authenticity, and it will inevitable lead to a personal crisis at some point.

Likewise with our collective story: If it is running its own script without a deeper connection, crisis will occur as we see on all systemic levels on the planet today.

Our reality shaping myth is the belief system we are born into, and in the sense that it is running its own show, no matter how spectacular with “fake alien invasions coming to a city near you soon”, it is not our friend.

We have all tried to walk into a given social gathering – whether a school running rampant, a church gathering with a little too much talking in tongues or a board meeting – and experienced how hard it can be to change the environment. The shared cultural myth is impossible to change with our own personal will.

If you batter against the system, you end up as another brick in the wall. Like Bing in “Fifteen Million Merits“.

Still a change is what is needed, so if not with our personal will, then how ?

How did Django free Broomhilda in Django unchained? He did it by cooling his temper and serving a higher cause – a deeper will. Like when he gazed into the eyes of his perpetrator as the dogs were set loose.

Acts like that disrupt the current script, and disruption is what we need.

The players
One of the significant players engaged in reinforcing the current cultural script is the conglomerate United States of America. Succinctly described by Elon Musk as “a very big ship with a small rudder”.

On board this ship is a significant gatekeeper for our current shared belief system: Facebook.

As a social media grows and our personal and professional lives becomes entangled, it becomes increasingly difficult to unplug from it.

And the entanglement is not intended to become less, on the contrary: On the F8 developer conference in mid april 2017, Mark Zuckerberg shared how Facebook will have a focus on augmented reality. The first step is to connect the phone cameras for its billions of users and add virtual layers to our perceived reality.

Many items that we now take for granted as being physical and tangible like the TV, various games and wall decoration, will in their vision be virtual in the future.

The wet dream of any surveillance agency
Today algorithms is selecting the type of content you see on Facebook, and what is filtered out for you. A menu is being served for us.

Here I’m not questioning the ethics of Mark Zuckerberg, however I am questioning the ethics of the group ready to take his place, when he let go of his position. A platform with all its users interlinked with cameras and microphones turned on (except Mark Zuckerbergs?) would be a very useful tool for any agency that wish to monitor and control human behaviour. There is a risk that the platform is driven by a prewritten script that serves the few, and not by a genuine interest in the general well being.

Disrupting the current script
By building community any social media has the potential to disrupt the current script and assist in cocreating a new story of who we are. A story that assists each of us in our shared vision.

Will this disruption come from Facebook?

On the developer conference, and as an example of how their new platform can alter the world we perceive, Mark Zuckerberg explained how it can be used “to fill it up with skittles, because the future is delicious” (skittles is an American colourful type of candy).

It was meant as a joke, but it also perfectly illustrates the absence of a shared vision for our culture.

Where do we want to go?

How do we – with the old story of humanity loosing its grip – cocreate the new story of who we are? How do we distribute the ressources in a fair manner? What type of governance can cope with the complexity of our current society?

Facebook has never given the impression that it is part of their mission to deliver this vision, however as a predominant social media becomes increasingly difficult to unplug from, the new vision must either be implemented using this shared medium of communication or another social media needs to take its place.

Sometimes these visions come as “full package” visions like for instance the Venus Project, and they can be a part of the journey for some of us, but the real root of change is connecting to our authentic selves: Our authentic selves fuel our vision effortlessly. Fortunately we are seeing different new platforms supporting this.

And by fueling our own vision the grander collective vision will emerge.

And the future might indeed be delicious … instead of invasive.


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