Cars and Tigers

When I was 11 my father allowed me to sit in his lab and steer the car.  My mother and my three sisters were also in the car. On a long straight path he stepped on the speeder, and while the car was going faster and faster, he calmly told me to hold my focus […]

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The fool in no man’s land

We are familiar with two levels of our consciousness: Dreaming and our daily state of consciousness. When we are at one of these levels, the other level seems like a distant and far-away realm. Sometimes when we are just about to fall asleep, or just about to wake up, we sense the nature of the […]

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Nature-based leadership rising

As toddlers we need guidance, encouragement and sometimes a very clear and firm boundary. The boundary might appear in the shape of a clear and loud ‘STOP’ as we are approaching a dangerous cliff. The guidance and encouragement might show itself, when learning how to ride a bicycle: How to keep the balance, when to […]

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On crossing yellow lines

How fierce is the grip of fear on our society? I am a person who sincerely respect authority when it is genuine and for the common good. So called ‘authority’ in all other shapes than this does simply not exist in my mind: I do not understand it and I have no intention of understanding […]

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The Kinbaku Experience

Last monday I found myself fully entangled in robes: My legs were tied up very tightly. My hands were tied up behind my back. Robes were around my arms and my chest. Was I in what you could call a ‘tight corner’? You could say, however I was able to turn my head to either […]

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