Nature-based leadership rising

As toddlers we need guidance, encouragement and sometimes a very clear and firm boundary. The boundary might appear in the shape of a clear and loud ‘STOP’ as we are approaching a dangerous cliff. The guidance and encouragement might show itself, when learning how to ride a bicycle: How to keep the balance, when to […]

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The Kinbaku Experience

Last monday I found myself fully entangled in robes: My legs were tied up very tightly. My hands were tied up behind my back. Robes were around my arms and my chest. Was I in what you could call a ‘tight corner’? You could say, however I was able to turn my head to either […]

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The Adhitthana Challenge

On July 16th 2014 we were 40 men and 40 women who started the Vipassana meditation retreat, following the program which has been tested through many many generations. A program that includes total silence in the first nine days of the ten-day course, with the exception of brief talks with the teacher or assistant teachers […]

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Honored guests

My longing eagerly expands by the touch of your hands on infinite waves it rides from my heart it gently subsides Leaving a sacred vibrant space to feel to taste your embrace rejoice and shivering delight visits me at your every sight! /Johan Tino, July 9th, 2019 click here for a collection of my other […]

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