The birth of the new Adam

As the gladiator Maximus stood with his comrades in the arena, knowing that something was about to be unleashed behind the gates, there was one chance – and one chance only – to cope with the challenge at hand: Co-operation. Today we are in a similar situation. History tends to repeat itself. And fortunately – […]

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The birth of a new species

The miracles of birth we see on Earth – painful, blissful and always intense – are a reflection of an inner birth. The coming into being of a new species, with its own unique consciousness. As above, so below. The words are from an old text, the Emerald Tablet, and describes the Philosophers Stone: The […]

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Birthing the new Human

Pay heed to the old myths, those that serve as a guiding light in pitch darkness, and you will know when and where to tread lightly in reverence of life and beauty. And you will know where to put down your foot – strong and firm – andthereby unsee what is not there and never […]

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The Jewel in the Mud

The transhumanist agenda is something we need to consider the implications of: 🔸 Total control of our emotional life in order to make us “happy” (link 1) 🔸 Humans and AI merging in 2030 according to Ray Kurzweil (2) 🔸 Digital medicine with nano robots (3) In our 5D world, where parallel realities affect each […]

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There is a subtle difference between being authentically present and operating from the outset of an idea of who you are. In the words of Joseph Campbell, at the root of the suffering we see in the world are people living inauthentic lives. Sometimes that which is in the most need of healing is that […]


Getting a grip on the beast

If a frog is kept in water that is heated up slowly, it will boil to death. The video linked to below illustrating this is made to share this important fact (and the frog is not hurt in the video, notably). The important thing that this experiment tells us, is that when exposed to gradual […]

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